Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Tri It - Blog Newbie Post

Ok, I've had more than one person tell me I needed to start a blog, so here I go.  I like to write, I have ideas I like to share, so blogging must be something I should do.  So, my inspiration for starting a blog is the whirlwind adventure I've been on since about March of 2010.  It was about then that I decided to start running.  Again.

I can't wait to share my journey with you.  I will do just that in future blogs.  Hopefully you'll find it interesting, funny, and inspiring.  I've had a heck of a ride, and I'm happy to take you along.

More posts to come,

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shannon,

    Just came across your blog - Thanks for sharing your journey. I've been running a little over a year and a half and we just started a blog a few months ago at www.werrunners.com.

    Keep running!