Sunday, February 13, 2011

2010 in review - Part IV 10-10-10 10K

Our next race challenge was to be a half marathon.  We registered for the Marshall University Half Marathon in Huntington and began training and doing more long runs.  Jay and I signed up for the "Run of a Lifetime" 10K on 10-10-10.  This race fell perfectly on our training schedule for our upcoming half.  Vance and Lindsey offered to watch the kidlets while we ran this race, which also happened to be right down the road from our house, and along our regular running route.  We had been running 7, 8, 9 miles on a regular basis leading up to the run.  However, our only 10K experience was at the end of the Scenic Mountain Triathlon.  So, needless to say, we took this race pretty lightly.  It even started at 2pm on a Sunday, so piece of cake right?  Well, not really.

Scenic Mountain Triathlon co-competitor Tom Samples and friend Bryan Watts joined us for the run.  In Bryan's case, it was the farthest he had ever run!

This race fell on an unusually hot day for October.  We had been running in consistently 60 degree weather, so we were not prepared for the 88 degree day that race day turned out to be!  Not only was it super hot, but very dry.  The route also turned out to be much tougher than we expected.  We were met with no shade and hill upon hill upon hill.  The route took us into several extremely hilly neighborhoods.  It was demoralizing.

However, we finished the race in the middle of the pack; it seemed as if everyone had underestimated the challenge of this race.  Our times were comparable to our Scenic Mountain Triathlon times, and that was the third leg of a triathlon!!  Oh well, at least our performance left the door open for future PRs!

The crowd was fun, the t-shirt was cool, and the kids had a great time at the city park fair that was going on at the same time.  Would we do it again?  Absolutely!

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