Sunday, March 6, 2011

2010-2011 Winter Series Races

Over the winter we signed up for the Tallman Track Group's Winter Series.  The races were a 5K, 8K, and a 10K, each about a month apart, starting in December and going through February.  Whoever participated in all three events received a hooded sweatshirt after the 10K.

The races helped us stay in running shape over the winter months, when the last thing we wanted to do was leave our warm homes for the windy, cold roads.  The events took place in flat Kanawha City, and each race continued along the same route, only going a bit farther each time.  The races were cold, but we were well-prepared, having done our Half Marathon in 20 degree weather, and most of our training runs out in the cold.

Everlasting running mutt Daisy ran the races with us and became an instant star when she donned a tutu for one race, and her Poo Boss high-visibility jacket for the 10K.

Signing up for the Winter Series was probably the best thing we did for maintaining our fitness levels.  We will definitely look for it again next year!

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